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We are super happy 🥹 to share JUNE agenda 📇 at LeMURia Continente Cultural, the creative co-working space in Poblenou. This month, we offer a diverse range of events designed to inspire 🕊️ and connect:

🕺 Body Expressio: Release your energy and connect with yourself through movement.

🎨 Artistic Composition: Explore your creativity with workshops that challenge your imagination.

🖋️ Emotional Writin: Express your feelings and find your inner voice through guided writing sessions.

🧶 Textile Art with Wine Tasting: Enjoy crafting while savoring exquisite wines in a relaxing atmosphere.

🗣️ Catalan Classes: Learn and improve your Catalan in a welcoming environment.

🧘 Yoga Sessions: Find balance and inner peace with our yoga classes suitable for all levels.

💼 Entrepreneur Presentations: Meet inspiring women entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their fields.

🌌 Family Constellations: Discover new perspectives and connections in these deep, insightful sessions.

💃 Dance Therapy: Heal through movement, release and renew your energy with therapeutic dance.

Don’t miss out on these unique experiences! Follow us for more details and join us in June 💫.

> Sign 🆙 to the activities you want - link 🔗 in bio.

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